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When I would come home I would often go and fish in the bottom dam of the farm. It was not a huge dam but perfect for some bass fishing. There is a boat on the dam and I use that as the fishing platform.

On this day a few of us went down to the dam. My mate and his girlfriend came on their motorbikes. Myself in the bakkie, not sure who else was with us. So I get there and go for a round of fishing, my mate and his girlfriend arrive a bit later, they went for a lekker ride around the farm. My mates girlfriend says she would be keen to try some bass fishing, so we climb on the boat and cruse off. She does a very good job of casting and reeling in the rubber worm.

She manages to cast over a stick which is fine, she starts reeling in and as the worm starts coming out of the water to go over the stick a bass takes it. I am sure all this happened in a split second but she did not strike. I scream STRIKE! STRIKE! what I did not realise and she told me afterwards was that I scared the hell out of her. She had never experienced that loud crazy voice coming out of my mouth before, it was frightening. That day the fishing beast in me came out and scared not only my mate but also me. I still love that beast but keep it more in check and channel it in the right places.

I have kept the names quite but you know who you are “chuckle”