The Milkcrate

I am in love with this sport and it touches my heart when I find a site like this. To take to the words from their site because I could not explain it any better.

"The Milkcrate is a celebration of the people who define and grow the culture and lifestyle of kayak angling.  Through interviews, photographs, and editorials, this project documents the ideals and motivations of a group bonded by a sport that, while still in its beginning stages, is heavy in self-defined growth.

Like the plastic boxes affixed to so many fish-bound kayaks, The Milkcrate is a gathering place for many of the details integral to the sport.  Here you will find a community of artists, professionals, craftsmen, and anglers coming together to tell the stories of how and why they pursue a life touched by water and nature."

Go and have a good read on their site and be inspired.

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