A trip to Pomene in Mozambique (Part 2)

Part one here

When we were there at Pomene it had a derelict hotel on the point south from our camp site.  The tide would move in and out great distances due to the very flat beach. The point just off the hotel at high tide was a great fishing spot. We would cast lures with bass tackle and catch some kingfish and other species on lures. The locals had a very interesting setup. They would use hand line, the lure was a slice of green paw paw. It worked I saw them catch many a king fish that way.

Getting the ski boat back on the trailer after fishing was interesting. The tide would go out far but due to it being so flat this would create quick sand and before you know it the Landy would be stuck, lucky we have experience with this kind of thing so managed to get out before the tide came up. Out at sea to the South of the hotel was some great reefs. It would rise from 30m to and 10m if my memory serves me correctly. You could see the current swelling on the surface, I wish I had a gps back then. Unfortunately the water was very cold and we did not have any luck, but I would imagine that would be an awesome fishing spot.

Behind the campsite is a big lagoon and going north you find the mouth to the lagoon. We went there in the ski boat. At the entrance to the mouth we did casting and managed to catch a few wolf herring. It was fun. Going further into the lagoon there was mangroves, which as the tide was rushing out so was the water spilling out. As I look back now we should have casted some lures in that area. I am sure we would have hooked up a rock salmon or 2. I wonder how far you could go into the lagoon as we did go far but I sure there was more. Would love to explore on a kayak now.  We stopped at the mouth again on the north side and did a bit of snorkeling. We would hang on the trees that had fallen in the water and watch all the fish, the tide was rushing out at great speed. It was a real water wonderland.  A shoal of king fish also came through and we casted some lures into them. Standing in knee deep water the kingfish came right up to us chasing our lures, it was a blast!

There was lots of fun and games in camp too with lots of swimming in the sea and lazing about. I had not washed my hair the whole time and when I dived into the water it did not get wet. I remember sitting in camp and next thing there is a dot that comes around the point. It was a dot because it was far. So between the guys the speculations starts as to what it is. It slowly makes its way north. We eventually see that it is a buoy. So out we went to go and fetch it. I spent many years in my pub back in Mtunzini.

All too soon it was time to head home. Way before the crack of dawn we left Pomene. It was still dark by the time we hit the tar road. One thing that sits clearly in my memory was how clean the windscreen was at that time of the day for a moment it looked like there was no windscreen at all. Due to our engine troubles we took it slow. Did not want to break down again. It was a very long trip and it was such a relief to get back to South Africa. I ended up selling the engine and getting a brand new one.

I am sure I have missed out a few things from the trip but you guys that went with please share in the comments.

Here are a few things that spring to mind but can’t remember the details. The hat and tie party. The crab migration, didn’t one crawl on your back Paddy? The hole in the wall at the south side of the hotel.

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